Scott Edwin Hibbard

Scott has played the guitar since he was 2 seconds old.

After various bands on the way, scott broke off to himself and his bedroom studio way back in 2002 or something like that as he can’t really remember. It involved girls, break ups, all the usual sh1t which drives a person to write music. From there he really took himself to it and pushed himself from being the lead guitarist and backing vocals in previous bands to becoming a lead singer. After demoing his solo music on which he played guitar, bass drums and sang, he looked to get other people involved.

He played various venues as a solo artist with other musicians by his side, by never really cemeted the whole shabang and was really still looking to find his ‘band‘. Then in 2005 he took the risk of moving to London to really drive his music ambition on, and oh, he met his brothers and made a real band. Suddenly Scott had found a home.

Happy with that he was.

Mark Eric Hibbard

Mark was born a with another silly name. Eric? At first he refused to come out of the womb, fearing a life full of piss taking. Thankfully god gave him Eric Cantona.

After being in the guitar wilderness for a few years, Scott came to mark’s rescue in 2006 with the chance to play bass in the band. No sweat he said, not having played bass in a band before, its like an guitar but with less strings he reckons. Kind of. Did. Doesn’t Anymore. Type thing.

The youngest of the three brothers, Mark likes his fat driving bass lines.

Simon Paul Hibbard

Simon has the only normal middle name? Why? No Idea. Lucky bastard.Si has had a slightly strange musical career. From early days of Decks and dj’ing at various crazy places to free parties and ‘all sorts of sh1t’ he’s finally ended up sat banging things for fun. From making dance beats to rock and roll beats – Si brings the whole rhythm to the show, always wanting to break out into a dance beat, he’s clearly held back by scotts lack of dance moves during the gigs….

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